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UAS Service Company
Western North Carolina
We produce various types of aerial and terrestrial imagery for many types of industry. We are dedicated to exacting standards of performance for our clients.
Aerial Info
Industries Served
Construction, Industrial, Communications, Agriculture, Emergency Response, Mining, Insurance, Real Estate, Utilities, Events, and more.
Aerial Info
Certified Pilots
FAA Part 107 - UAS Remote Pilot Rating, FAA Part 107.29 Certificate of Waiver - Night Time Operations, FAA Part 61 - Private Pilot License, NC UAS Commercial Operator Permit, Certified Pix4D User, Insured, FEMA ICS-100, ICS-200
123 Tharpe Rd.
Roaring River NC 28669
(336) 902-9318

Our Mission

To incorporate and maintain safety of flight standards, and regulatory compliance. To utilize streamlined data collection and imagery processing/analysis. To provide our clients with high quality, dependable terrestrial and aerial imagery and data in a timely fashion while maintaining a competitive price point.

We look forward to working with you on your next project regardless of the size and scope.

A Few Projects
From Around North Carolina


Digital Orthomosaic Map

It's a whole bunch of little pictures all stuck together to make one big'n.


Digital Elevation Map

Calculate volumetric data of products on your industrial site.


3D Modeling

It's a big 'ol pile of whatever it is, thats for sure. '